Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage Co

Ordibehesht Iranian Brokerage Company after getting a securities & agreement of Tehran Exchange organizations in April 2005, with a capital of 20 billion rials to Isfahan at25590 registration office and its activities in the capital market as the official broker stock exchange began. This commodity trading company after their procedure of obtaining the license and membership in the company's stock started and now the Iranian goods in the metal trades, petrochemicals,agricultural commodities and Futures gold bullion  and coins have been licensed and ready to provide services to its customers.  The company utilizes an experienced professional and have always been able to satisfy the maximum number of clients and their advisors with experience in the field of exchange of goods to one of the most active brokers become a commodity exchange. A brokerage firm may present in two areas in the stock exchange and the commodity exchange has been working and service needed to offer customers

The company's stock belongs to the current reserve fund that reflects the financial power of this collection and full trust for customers with peace of mind than to work with the long term their action with this company. Export a variety of products now in stock to supply Tehran rims products in international markets about the transaction takes place. That these products have the best quality and international standards for supply in global markets is and has always been under the supervision of the laboratory is equipped with the commodity exchange for the quality assurance. Products that now ring the export transaction are as follows: and this is the perfect preparation for any brokerage partnership with trading and commercial companies for the purchase of these products to be the best price for the customer is declared

Bitumen 6070
 Mineral Bitumen 6070
 Bitumen 85100
 Polymeric bitumen 6070
 Iron ore aggregation
 Bitumen MC 250
 Moisture insulation BOF Moisture insulation Foundation  BOF
 Sulphur Granulation
 Heavy Slack Wax


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